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Pendula @ New Forms Festival Oct 7-9 2016
Research and development in Vancouver, BC (2015)

Over the past couple years I have been developing tool comprised of an interactive audio and video manipulation system, an immersive quadrophonic and four-projection audio/visual environment, and musical compositions.

These tools were the basis for the multimedia installation and performance piece Pendula. The installation was comprised of three swings sets that were audio and visual reactive through users’ individualized swinging motions, with the data being generated by 3-axis gyroscopes and accelerometers. The interactive structure was created using an Arduino, which sent gestural information from each swing seat to Max/MSP. In addition to building the installation circuits, I created individualized electroacoustic content (using Supercollider/AbletonLive) and collaborated on visual content (Resolume) that was manipulated by each user. 

Interactive software development in Max/MSP for installation and performance 
Arduino microcontrollers with intertial measurement units were attached to the swing seats to detect motion