Instrumental Music.

I have many years of experience in private and group instruction on clarinet, music theory and beginner piano. I have instructed a variety of students ranging from young children to adults. Keeping students actively engaged by providing a warm, encouraging environment while enhancing technique, expression and fostering creativity are all aspects of my teaching philosophy.  

For more information on lessons/workshops and rates, please feel free to contact me.


Making Music with Code. 

In 2015, I designed and facilitated a five-week beginner's Max/MSP workshop aimed on creating interactive musical compositions. I also co-facilitated and designed a six-week youth mentorship program with Norah Lorway called "Introduction to the Vancouver Laptop Ensemble". This program expanded on the creation of interactive works in group settings.  

Since then, the introductory course has been iterated multiple times at VIVO Media Arts.

These mentorship programs culminated to a concert presentation of works at VIVO Media Arts on July 4th, 2015. These programs were generously supported by Telus, The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival and VIVO Media Arts. They will continue in January 2016.