Hollow Vertices (2015)


Hollow Vertices is an improvisatory audio-visual performance environment for two live coders, one clarinetist, one VJ and dancer. The sonic components are co-created by the live coders through SuperCollider (a live code, real-time audio synthesis language) and Max/MSP. These two sound sources are linked through a custom built network upon which each performer has control over the others’ code.  This results in the creation of dense percussive and ambient textures. This is combined with an amplified clarinetist using a custom programmed pedal board in Max/MSP to drive live audio effects. Visual projections of particles and patterned lines are generated in TouchDesigner. Some visual effects are programmed to interact rhythmically with the composition, and some are manually controlled via movement captured by the Kinect v2 as the piece is improvised by the dancer.

Hollow Vertices has been presented and performed at various international conferences and venues including New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME 2016, Brisbane, Australia), The Toronto International Electrocacoustic Symposium(2016), The International Conference on Live Coding (Hamilton, ON,  2016),  and at Freedom Man Art Studios in Taichung and at Revolver nightclub in Taipei, Taiwan.

Creative Team

Code and Clarinet Performance - Kiran Bhumber

VJ and Dance - Nancy Lee

Code - Norah Lorway