Dispersion (Vancouver Counterpoint) (2016)

"Dispersion (Vancouver Counterpoint)" was commissioned by the Burnaby Ismaili Centre for their 21st Century Art Event called “The Courtyard Commission.” The composition accompanied a live dance performance and interactive projections.

Vancouver Counterpoint explores the pursuit of finding order. This chaos is represented by layering organic 'found sounds' of the Vancouver landscape combined with synthesized ambient and percussive tones. The call for order is then explored by multiple clarinet melodies, which converge and diverge across the composition and represent the progression towards finding harmony.

DSCF1820 (1).jpg
Photo by Jevan Critteden

Photo by Jevan Critteden

Creative Team

Director & Visual Artist ~ Nancy Lee

Visual & Installation Artist ~ Laine Butler

Music Composition & Clarinet Performance ~Kiran Bhumber

Choreography ~ Ralph Escamillan

Performance ~ Sophia Wolfe & Alex Tam