the cloud (2017)

The cloud is an interactive installation examining data storage, communication technologies and neural networks. We live in an age where early adoption of technology is germane to personal development and commonplace when interacting with and learning about the environment. Such media technologies shape the way an individual and society remembers, just as a society determines the way in which these media technologies are utilized. Although internalized memory is malleable, transforming from generation to generation, data storage allows us to keep these impressions in tact in their original, physical form.

The installation relied highly on creating a sculpture which resembled a clouded-mass, inviting participants to engage and communicate with one another through the object. The physical frame consisted of wires which were assembled into spherical frames. From there, multiple fabrics were draped onto them, creating texture and depth . Numerous speakers and RBG LED strips were embedded onto the inner layer of the cloud while the microphones remained visible to the participants on the outer layer. Separating the two layers was a sheer fabric which allowed the participant to look into the neural network of cloud, which changed colours as each participant spoke into the microphone. 


Arduino and Max/MSP code can be found here